The change you've wanted. Now.

Your subconscious mind contributes 95% of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. I can help you transfom your life by creating positive changes- on a neurological level.

When you work with me, you will get:


We talk through whatever challenges you are having during our session, and I help you identify an alternative to what you have been experiencing.


I hold a safe and judgement-free space where I support and empathize with my clients.

Increased Peace

My clients leave their sessions feeling better, lighter, and better prepared to overcome whatever previously challenged them.

It is time to embrace your growth

Give yourself the gift of support. You deserve to be happy, fulfilled, and love your life!

Tracy Beeson

I love working with kids! It is one of the most amazing gifts you can give a child to support them in strengthening their sense of self-love and compassion. Improved connection, behavior, decision making, and self-acceptance are just a few benefits children experience working with me.