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What exactly is PSYCH-K?

And what exactly do I do?

I have been having a tough time explaining what I do! I am forever fluctuating between the therapy-like value of  my sessions and the tangible neurological changes that happen in a session. So similar to therapy- but with deep changes to the things we uncover. You know, saying that…  maybe I’m a coach. A transformation coach! But wait, I’m not teaching you how to achieve a transformation. I’m a mindset coach! We identify new ways to view things, try out new perspectives. But then… we make an underlying subconscious change. I’ve toyed around with ‘growth guide,’ but ultimately I am just a facilitator to your transformation journey. I also have a lot of experience overcoming a whole deluge of limiting beliefs, a deep understanding of how people act and why, and I think (possibly) most importantly, I love language. So I can help put words to the experiences you might struggle to describe and help you come up with the perfect and most powerful way to re-frame your new programs.  I also have a desire and willingness to sit in discomfort, to dredge up the hard stuff, because it is in those uncomfortable situations where the key to transformation lives. 


So back to PSYCH-K as a type of therapy… After all, isn’t a good caring therapist what so many people need these days? Being seen, heard, and validated is benefit enough for many people to participate in this type of practice often. Health insurance will sometimes cover therapy, but certainly not a PSYCH-K session. Which is another blog post entirely. But the term ‘therapy’ doesn’t touch on the magic of the shift that ultimately happens using PSYCH-K.

What can you expect in a PSYCH-K session?

You can expect the opportunity to make deep and lasting change. It is up to what your conscious mind brings to the table, where you allow yourself to go when you talk about your struggles and why. The farther back you can go, the more honest you can be the better results you will get. When you pursue a reasonable understanding and rational explanation for everything, it can be a roadblock to clearing out past trauma. Sometimes we have no idea why something comes up in relation to a challenge, and that is okay. We don’t have to completely understand every little nuanced association in order to make profound changes. But we do need to show up, be curious, and trust our intuition. Just yesterday, I was helping someone to switch on the desire to learn more by trusting in his ability to do so. We had a balance come up around the fear of death and trauma associated with birth. There is no rational explanation why we needed to go there for him to keep learning, but we did. And I know that it will serve him because the muscle testing doesn’t lie. That is what his subconscious needed to process, so we supported that need. No analyzing. No judgment. Just an acceptance that there is a path between where we are and where we want to be, and a willingness to discover how to access that path will allow us to begin the journey.


So if you struggle with a tough inner critic, PSYCH-K is for you. If you spend too much of your time and energy coping with intense emotional reactions, or feel like you or all that you do isn’t enough, PSYCH-K is for you. If you struggle with any addictions or cyclical behaviors that you want to change but haven’t been able to shift yet- PSYCH-K is for you. If you find communication to be challenging, or you have a difficult time engaging when certain people are talking, PSYCH-K is for you. Trouble with forgiving or getting past a certain incident or event in your life? PSYCH-K can help. Do you have a relationship in your life that has ‘broken,’ and you just can’t seem to access the acceptance and understanding that you hold in your conscious mind- on a deep level? PSYCH-K is for you. If you want to fully and without exceptions learn to love and accept yourself, release the stress associated with past traumas, and access an increasing peace in your life, PSYCH-K is for you. If you have ever wished you could be different, regretted something you have done, or thought about how different your life would be if a particular event hadn’t happened… You could benefit today from a PSYCH-K session.


If you are ready for change and prepared to allow yourself to grow and heal in ways that your conscious mind cannot fully grasp, I am glad you are reading this. You can learn PSYCH-K and spend your days identifying and shifting your biggest barriers. Even for those who enjoy and appreciate the process, that isn’t always the first step. I saw multiple PSYCH-K facilitators over the course of nearly a decade before I was ready to step up and get the training myself. But right now (this moment!), you can find a PSYCH-K facilitator and book a session. I do online sessions, and there are many other practitioners that do the same. Find someone you like. Find language and explanations that resonate with you, and book a session. You might also manage to find somebody locally, and I really enjoy in-person when getting started with PSYCH-K, as the muscle testing is something very meaningful to experience when you are first diving into subconscious work. The denial and skepticism of our conscious minds can be put to work processing muscle testing for the first time! Just remember that you are creating your life and your experiences. You can support and empower yourself in this way by pursuing each and every idea you are given for growth and fulfillment. Even if you don’t fully understand how it works. No, especially if you don’t understand how it works. We all need to stop limiting ourselves to what we understand and embrace that there are wonders and gifts available for us in the quantum field and other fields not yet discovered. You do not know everything, nor should you. 


Whoever you decide to work with, I highly recommend you give this modality a try. I would love to support you even in just testing it out to see what it is all about. I understand the nuance between you having anxiety and you being anxious. Where the power of language meets the understanding of behaviors alongside the knowledge of how to effectively and easily shift beliefs, that is where you will find me. I will be supporting my clients, celebrating their wins, and watching the things they came to see me for melt away. Maybe don’t ask me “exactly” what I do, but consider trying it out. Embrace positive change in your life. You literally have nothing to lose, and more to gain than you could even conceptualize.      

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