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Overcoming Fear, Once and For All


What is Fear?

Fear is our body's natural response to a threat- either real or perceived. It is healthy and appropriate for fear to come up in our lives, in fact it has even been called a gift (The Gift of Fear is a great read by Gavin De Becker that talks about how important it is to trust your fear, or intuition, as it is usually right and we do so much harm by ignoring our inklings). Fear is not healthy when we begin to suffer from perceived threats that are not actually putting us in any form of danger. When the fear response is disproportional to the potential danger, we might even be dealing with a phobia. When fears and phobias prevent us from doing something we might otherwise do, we are only reinforcing those fears and strengthening the neural pathway that will keep us in a perpetual state of associated fear, until we take action.

Conventional Approaches

Taking action can look different for different people. Sometimes, after living with a fear or phobia for so long, the physiological symptoms become too intense, and we can resort to taking medication to try to manage the trembling, sweating, elevated heart rate, etc. But this doesn’t actually do anything to remove or change the fear.

It seems that apart from various types of hypnosis or talk therapy to better understand or process the fear, we ultimately need to begin to face our fears. It is only through facing fear that we can begin to create new neural pathways that can remind us that the outcome- the thing we fear most- actually isn’t that bad after all. Maybe the outcome we are terrified of isn’t actually a big deal. This can be a slow process, and over time the idea is that the fear will diminish and become a non-issue as you continue to show up and do the thing you previously feared. 


Like most methods of rewiring and training our brains to achieve an outcome different than our immediate response, the time, energy, and effort it takes to continue showing up in this way might take more than your current capacity allows. I think that is the main reason I love what I do so much. I get to help people change their programming FIRST so that they can show up, do the hard things and further reinforce that the fear was not protecting them or in their best interests. But when we first remove the fear and rewire the brain, doing the things that used to be so difficult or draining can actually be easy. So we can spend our energy on other things that matter to us and are important in our lives. We can do this WHILE we continue to show up and do the hard things and continue deepening those new neural pathways. 


Subconscious programs that enforce fear

Fear is your body’s response to a conscious experience. You could argue that all fears reside in the subconscious mind. That may or may not be entirely true, but I do believe that all unreasonable fears or phobias begin in the subconscious mind. When you know consciously that a certain spider won’t hurt you and isn’t even the type to bite, yet you still react as though your life were on the line… that is a subconscious driven phobia. 


What about the fear of failure? Or the fear of being found out that you aren’t qualified to do a job (imposter syndrome)? Are these fears rooted in reality? Not usually. Unless your failure would mean serious harm to yourself or others, chances are that these fears are essentially just beliefs we have taken on around not being good enough, smart enough, or qualified enough. Just like overcoming a fear of spiders or heights, in order to overcome these things, you need to start showing up good enough, smart enough, and qualified enough. But what if you just… aren’t?


This is where the magic of PSYCH-K happens. You can fake it until you make it (the old school of thought), or instead BE it until you ARE it. How can you be smarter or more qualified, you wonder? Simple. You need to believe in yourself. You need to believe that you are capable, which allows you to show up in situations where you demonstrate your capabilities. Then, through the same positive reinforcement loop of facing physical fears you will discover that you actually were capable all along. Nothing to fear here.


Have you been living in fear? Are you debilitated with fear around certain situations or circumstances? Please share in the comments if you have been able to overcome fears or are presently overcoming any fears. And if you are still struggling with a fear or phobia that you are ready to overcome once and for all, please sign up for email offers, follow me on IG or TikTok, or just go ahead and book a session so you can experience a true subconscious shift for yourself.


Thanks for showing up, reading, and I look forward to connecting with you!

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